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Weight Loss & Leptin Resistance

weight loss Jun 02, 2022

Weight Loss is a booming industry that has us dropping big dollars but hardly any fat!! How many commercials do you see in the middle of the night under your heavy eyelids that talk about how they burn fat, reshape your abdomen, walk your dog and take out the trash? Have you ever tried the products? Despite all your effort to eat right and exercise are you disappointed when you still hit a plateau? This is because many gimmicky weight loss products are stuck in the old science of burning fat without addressing the very real problem of Leptin Resistance.

What is Leptin Resistance?

Well, before I touch on that, it's important to address that old science. Many people think that losing fat, whether it be for aesthetics or health, is all about calories in, calories out, and raw willpower. I strongly disagree! Leptin is a hormone that is released from fat cells that control our food intake. Leptin is the traffic light that makes us GO, SLOW DOWN or HIT THE BRAKES on eating. That being said, many people will think that they simply need to eat intuitively and that their leptin will take care of it. A nice thought, but it still isn't that simple!

What many people are suffering from is Leptin Resistance. The amount of leptin in the body will not matter if your brain is unable to listen to that leptin and put a stop to overeating! Without the signals from leptin we will continue to gorge ourselves until we are passed the point of comfort and the scale is bending under our weight. Although many scientists and companies are catching on and incorporating leptin-science into their products, it is important to continue to research and find the root of this resistance. That is exactly what researchers from the University of California did!

At the University of California, researchers uncovered an additional destructive mechanism that causes leptin resistance. While experimenting with mice, they came across an enzyme named MMP-2 that comes from a high-fat diet. This enzyme clipped Leptin Receptors completely from the surface of neuronal cells in the hypothalamus, blocking leptin from binding at all! This wasn't just a dirty receptor, they were completely defunct!

Credit: University of California San Diego

This was the first instance of MMP-2 ever observed. By clipping Leptin receptors, this dangerous enzyme would render Leptin useless. Leptin isn't only an important fat- related hormone, but also important for those who experience glucose-sensitivity and diabetes. It is well known that insulin resistance contributes to Type 2 diabetes, but leptin often gets away scot free!

Leptin's responsibilities include inhibiting appetite, stimulating thermogenesis, or heat production, burning fatty acids, reducing body weight and fat AS WELL AS decreasing glucose. If glucose is left to run amuck, people are left to experience glucose-related-complications and developing diabetes. Although Leptin resistance contributes to both increased body fat, and issues with glucose, it should be mentioned that this is not an issue exclusive to larger people.

Dr. Lustig, a wonderful and bright doctor at the University of California, believes that insulin resistance actually triggers Leptin Resistance. Personally, I think he's on to something!

Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai’s Pearls

Another worry with leptin resistance is nonalcoholic fatty liver. As MMP-2 snips more and more Leptin Receptors and you are subjected to eating more and more because your brains mixed signals, it's not only your waistline that suffers. Both excess eating and type 2 diabetes contribute directly to this chronic disease for which no standard treatment exists. The only way to truly begin treatment of fatty liver is to address the underlying obesity. Not by just exercise or trying to force yourself to eat right, but by truly caring for your leptin receptors by cleaning and repairing them!

Bauhinia Forficata is an ingredient which indigenous tribes make teas and broths and drink as a tonic to soothe upset stomachs, or in the case of graying elders, to simply feel younger. Bauhinia has been a wonderful ingredient that I have discovered not to only help with body fat, but also blood sugar. By using Bauhinia in Max Glucose Plus, I have worked with multiple patients to get their blood sugar under control, reduce abdominal fat as well as reduce the amount of fat clinging to liver. By addressing these three dangerous levels we are able to ensure that even MMP-2 cannot sabotage leptin receptors in the brain and we can continue to live our healthiest lives!

It is said that for any regimen to improve health and cut fat, that you are what you eat! This is absolutely TRUE! No matter what products or ingredients you find that help you on this journey, you MUST HAVE A PROPER DIET! I have maintained my 60lb weight loss over decades by following these Minimal Guidelines that have Maximum Results.

By following these guidelines I immediately found that I felt less fatigued, sluggish and bogged down. The fat that clung to my organs slowly dissolved! How? Because my diet made it so fat wasn't sustainable! It is important after this fat is either burned or dissolved that you WASH IT AWAY! Yes, You will need to FLUSH it out of your system completely! I did this with Craving Factor. By sipping it slowly throughout the day, I made sure there was a constant cascade of ingredients that helped to whisk those fat cells out of my body entirely, robbing them of a chance to redeposit anywhere else! Remember, Your body is made in the kitchen! Taking control of your diet means taking full control of your life!

Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai's Product Recommendations

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Ultra Charge 

New Ultra Charge utilizes epimedium which has been shown to have the ability of reducing Cortisol levels.  Reducing your cortisol level is very important to your Thyroid health. If your cortisol levels are high, it causes your Thyroid hormones to lower to abysmal levels.  Excess cortisol can actually suppress TSH secretion. PURCHASE NOW


Craving Factor

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Thin Factor Liquid


May help to decrease your appetite, help you to lose body fat and clean your leptin receptors. Directions:  Take a 1/2 dropper 3 times daily ten minutes before eating. PURCHASE NOW


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A Kind Testimonial from Dr. B

I met Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai at an FCA Seminar in 2016. I was having heart palpitations, feeling cold and sluggish and still had 10 pounds I could not lose. He evaluated me and made recommendations for diet and nutritional supplements. I could not wait to get started! Within 3 days I could feel a difference in my well-being. I had more energy and started sleeping through the night!I'm back to be reevaluated and re-asses my nutrition!