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Liver Cleanse

LIVER CLEANSE: Prevent Gout and Kidney Failure

liver cleanse liver disease liver health Jan 03, 2023

The liver is considered to be the chemical processing plant of your body. Each minute, 30% of your circulating blood goes to support your liver which removes harmful toxins by filtering out & cleansing our blood and also distributes and stores essential nutrients.

Main Functions of the Liver:

  • Making bile
  • Building proteins
  • Processing Food
  • Removing toxins from the blood

Inflammation of the liver is dangerous, interfering with important functions of the body. If a liver becomes diseased due to prolonged inflammation and dysfunction, there is no organ that and possibly take its place and do its functions. The rest of the body can't hope to receive the nutrients from food, to remove toxins from the body, or to build proteins. The absence of the liver would not only lead to poor health but death.

The liver has an important yet thankless job. Due to its resilience, most cases of liver inflammation don't garner enough medical attention. The interruption in function is written off as a temporary sickness and the liver is forced to tough it out, pushing onward. You may think that this is just the natural order, but BEWARE!! Forcing your liver to work in conditions of inflammation with no additional support will make it harder and harder to bounce back later in life - leaving you devastated when you need it most.

Those who opt to help their liver are taking an important step to their overall life-long health. Unfortunately, many doctors will recommend that you begin taking prescription medications that have been shown time and time again to actually have adverse reactions from the liver. While you expressed the proper sentiment to take care of your hard-working liver, you are dragged down a path of damaging it further. We call this Drug-induced Liver Disease.

Often drugs will injure the liver and disrupt its normal functions. The symptoms that these drugs produce are so severe that they mirror the abnormalities that can be caused by viruses and immunologic diseases that are toxic to the liver.

It is possible to have Drug-Induced Liver Disease while showing mild to NO symptoms. This is more common during the beginning stages. Once the fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and abnormal pain set in, the disease is fully realized and you will begin experiencing symptoms that are more specific to liver failure.

Liver-Disease Specific Symptoms include:

  • Jaundice or yellow of the skin
  • Easy bruising
  • Itching in the skin at night
  • Fluid accumulation in legs and abdomen
  • Kidney Failure
  • Vulnerability to Bacterial Infections
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding

One of the most important tasks of the liver is to help purify and turn potentially harmful chemicals in the blood into harmless debris. Some drugs may harm the liver upon taking them, others can be far more ominous, only causing harm after safely passing through the liver and being transformed into other chemicals. After being concerted, these chemicals may cause indirect damage, or they will attack the liver causing liver failure.

To avoid this dangerous condition, I have always recommended becoming more informed about your options when treating any issues within your body. The less synthetic chemicals, the better - always opt to use natural if you can.

Liver Cleanse

Terrified of the hidden horrors waiting to spring out and claim my 75-year-old liver, I created Liver Cleanse to help me to maintain my liver's health. Liver Cleanse utilizes three main, powerful and natural ingredients: Ayuric, Graviola, and Tart Cherry Powder Extract.

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The liver takes the blood from your digestive system and filter out toxins. While being compromised by Uric Acid, the liver cannot properly do its job.

Ayuric is an ingredient that has been clinically studied for the last decade. As a water-soluble ingredient, Ayuric is able to be fully absorbed by the body to support a healthy uric acid level.

Graviola is a rather well-known ingredient that has been used time and time agin for a broad spectrum of issues. It's most prolific being its use against cancers. I've included Graviola in this special Liver Cleanse due to its history of use in the Amazon to treat liver and stomach ailments. In the geography where the Graviola fruit hails from, rarely any residents suffer from liver issues or disease. If I hadn't gone and seen it for myself, I would believe it.

The Tart Cherry Powder used in Liver Cleanse comes as a welcome aid to the liver and is a well-known metal chelator. This means that the toxic metals, like mercury, that accumulate in your body can be bound and inactivated. By rendering these toxic metals harmless, your body can focus on flushing them to reduce toxicity. Your liver, which is left with most of the metal residue after cleansing the blood, will thank you.

Dr. Tai's Pearl

Anyone who suffered from Gout will tell you that the searing pain is equivalent to a broken bone. As a surgeon, I have opened and inspected many joints damaged by Uric Acid Crystals that have deposited in all joints of unsuspecting patients. These patients have high Uric Acid in their blood from a nonfunctioning toxic liver. The formula of Liver Cleanse may help to clean up Uric Acid flow to help flush the liver and kidneys as well as protect these joints.

Any questions? Schedule a 15-minute Telehealth Consultation with Dr. Tai to learn more about your Liver health and Liver Cleanse.