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Heart Attacks 101 for American Heart Health Month

clots heart attack Feb 16, 2023

February is American American Heart Health Month and Prof.Dr. Tai is speaking about Heart Attacks, Clots, and Circulation.

Everything you need to know and prevent a heart attack. This special presentation was live on Instagram on Thursday, February 18th at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM ET.

Here are some questions that Dr. Tai will answer:

At what age a women has a higher incidence of Heart Attack?
What are the first signs of Heart Attack?
How does a Clot precipitate a Heart Attack?
How to melt a clot and prevent a Heart Attack?
What components make up an Atherosclerotic Plaque?
What are the 4 common causes of forming a clot to Avoid?
What are the signs you already have a deadly Deep Vein Clot?
What is the most deadly inflammation to cause a Heart Attack?
How to most effectively increase circulation to the Heart by 37% within 1 hour?
What 2 steps are most effective to lower Inflammation of Heart Muscle?

Supplements Mentioned. Ask Dr. Tai how to order after your initial free consultation.