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HealthSecrets USA (HSUSA) prides itself for its doctor-formulated, proprietary natural nutritional supplements, manufactured by GMP certified plants with cutting-edge fast absorption technologies to help you look younger, feel stronger and live longer! Our specialized technologies help to deliver unique active ingredients formulated in our products to the body.

Ingredients are supported by published, scientific medical journals. HSUSA’s products have been featured by nationally-known health journals such as Health Science Institute, Women’s Health, Women’s World, and Healthy Lifestyle. Many metropolitan radio shows, Time Warner Television Health show, CN8 Comcast interview, and National Teleconference programs have also featured Health Secrets USA products and technologies.

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Vitamin D3-K2

It is essential to maintain healthy vitamin D levels in all stages of life, from fetal to old age involving in over 600 essential Biochemistry to your Health.

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Max Adrenal Support

May modulate and raise cortisol levels, and retain the cortisol in the body. Your body may have the ability to tolerate stress, have more positive energy, and more!

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Max Sea Extract

May support thyroid metabolism, balance iodine and iodide, and healthy breast tissue. It is a high concentration of natural fucoidan and an excellent source of essential polysaccharides.

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Product Review

Grateful to Have Found This Product

This product does everything it claims and more. I have seen immediate improvement in diabetic ulcers that were deemed incurable. Just one rinse with a topical solution followed by proper wound care protocols caused stubborn stage 3 wounds to heal. I am so grateful to have found this product. 

I have experienced and witnessed it do wonders when taken internally, and when applied topically.

Sharon Kopchia-Oko

See Product at

William Braboy - KY

Since starting the program 3/12/23 I have lost 42.5 inches, 45 pounds, gained tons of energy, feel much better, memory has improved, lost belly fat, clothes are falling off, I sleep much better, & generally feel great. I'm now on maintenance. Several people have complimented me & my wife on how great we look since the program. I highly recommend Dr Tai's program if you want to look & feel young again.


Sharon Braboy - KY

Since starting the program 3/12/23 I have lost a whopping 70.75 inches, 30.2 pounds including 13 inches of belly fat. I've lost 2 pant sizes. I feel so much better, have tons of energy, I sleep like a baby, & I'm not even at goal weight yet. I can't wait to see what the future brings as far as weight loss & overall health improvements. I highly recommend Dr Tai's program which is not just weight loss but a lifestyle change