Sugar is the Culprit   

A BARM Health Talk Webinar Series

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Today’s overweight children. Tomorrow’s obese adults?

Diets high in Sugar is killing Americans. Obesity Levels are climbing.

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Dr. Paul Ling Tai from BARM uncovers the hidden problem that faces us today,

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You will be shocked about some of the discoveries and health risks associated with Sugar

Our panel of experts take us on a journey to explore all the health risks sugar can cause and provide solutions to help you live a healthier life.


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Dr. Paul Ling Tai is Your Host

  • President and Chairman of the Brasil-American Regenerative Medicine Association
  • Speaker, Author of 14 Health Books
  • Double Certified Surgeon

Dr. Tai interviews our guest speakers and shares his own expertise on the topic of Sugar, Obesity, and Diabetes, and more.

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Our Speakers

Amber Wentworth
Sugar Addiction

Amber is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in sugar addiction. She has dealt with eating and exercise disorders, diet pills, diuretic, and laxative abuse, obesity, major health issues, depression, and sugar addiction.

Special Offer: Download a Free Ebook copy of "Are You Suffering from Sugar Addiction".
Dr Kelly Miller, NMD
How does sugar affect the brain?

Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD is the author of Saving Your Brain and 7 other health books. He is the founder of three Saving Your Brain centers with over 43+ experience as a brain health coach, Naturopath, and speaker.

Special Offer: Download a Free Ebook Copy of Saving Your Brain.
Dr Howard Cohn
Dr. Howard Cohn, DC
Conquering The Emotional Side of Sugar Addiction with NET: NeuroEmotional Technique”

Dr. Howard Cohn is the CEO and Founder of the Cohn Health Institute. Dr Cohn now serves as the Director of Product Development for Nutrition and the Chairman of the Science Advisory Board at Seacret Direct.

Special Offer: Listen to Dr. Cohn's recording of "The Greatest Lie Ever Told".
Dr Howard Cohn
Dr. Kevin Vieser, DC
Herbal Remedies for Controlling Blood Sugar

Dr. Kevin Vieser is a board certified chiropractor and his purpose on this earth is to help people who are hurt which he has always known that since a young age. He has worked as an Athletic Trainer at the youth, high school, and professional levels. 

Special Offer: Download a free reference Herbal Chart on Best Herbs For You and a Free Consultation with Dr. Vieser.
Dr Howard Cohn
Dr. Steven Zodkoy, D.C., C.N.S., D.A.C.B.N.
Control your Stress to Control your Glucose

Dr. Steven Zodkoy is a board certified chiropractor, nutritionist and Kinesiologists who, for over 30 years, has specialized in assisting patients that have not found relief through a standard course of treatment.

Special Offer:  Download a Free Copy of Dr. Zodkoy's Misdiagnosed: Adrenal Fatigue Link Ebook and receive a complimentary 15-minute Consult with Dr. Zodkoy
Dr Howard Cohn
Dr. Calvin Ng, DC
Everything about Insulin Resistance, Sugar, and Hidden Infections

Dr. Calvin Ng is Natural Health Care Practitioner, in Orange County, CA, who treats the body as a whole using Chiropractic Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Neuro Emotional Technique, Quantum Neurology, and Craniopathy. He believes that all health dysfunctions and diseases have an underlying imbalance physically, biochemically, and emotionally and by treating the root causes, the body will heal itself.